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Nitrogen management

Effective nutrient management has always been a crucial part of good farm practice, with the underlying principle of fertiliser use to supplement the supply of nutrients available from the soil. This module takes you through the key points for nitrogen fertiliser use.


Spring grassland management

Well managed, correctly fertilised grassland containing modern varieties can produce 10-11t of dry matter/ha when grazed. This potential can be compromised by compaction, weeds or limited crop nutrition. Get tips and advice on how to get the most from your grass this spring



Having good leadership in your farming business will inevitable have an influence on the bottom line. Find out what skills you need to lead and motivate a team.


7 reasons to join Farmers Weekly Academy Development Scheme

There are lots of reasons why you should register with Farmers Weekly Academy and get your online learning off to a flying start...


Health and safety

Every year accidents involving livestock account for a large proportion of farm fatalities, while the number of injuries incurred while handling livestock runs to nearly a thousand. Inappropriate handling facilities are often to blame. Don’t become the next victim and refresh your knowledge on key skills when handling stock.

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