Developing your knowledge and skills


How to raise healthier stock

Learn how to improve the health and welfare of your stock

Course 1: Heifer rearing
Course 2: Winter health for cattle
Course 3: Beating BVD
Course 4: Sheep lameness


Grow better crops

Test out your agronomy knowledge and earn CPD points

Course 1: Fertiliser management
Course 2: Blackgrass
Course 3: OSR genetics
Course 4: Fungicide management


Tackling pests and diseases

Learn how to reduce the threat of pests and diseases to your business

Course 1: Brome grasses
Course 2: Blight in potatoes
Course 3: Slug control
Course 4: Rat control


Reduce your environmental impact

Learn how to farm more sustainably

Course 1: Solar PV
Course 2: Wind Power
Course 2: Sustainable soils
Course 3: Water protection

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