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Solar PV

Solar PV is one of the most popular renewable technologies that farmers are using to generate power from their land or buildings. This course takes you through the options if you want to make the most or farm energy.


Rat control

The Rat Control academy course covers the impact of the rat on-farm, control options and measures required to minimise the risk of rat control baits to wildlife. These three Rat Control modules have BASIS CPD points.


Calf managment

This module is designed to help you improve your herd’s efficiency by achieving growth rates which will ensure heifers are big enough to be served for the first time at 13 to 14 months, at 55% to 60% of their mature bodyweight.


Worm control in cattle

Worms are becoming increasingly difficult to control in cattle, with drug resistance posing considerable challenges. This module helps you make simple management changes to can cut costs and reduce the risk of resistance in the future.


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Water Protection

6 modules Worth 30 CPD Points

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Sustainable Soils

6 modules Worth 4 CPD Points

Slug Control

4 modules Worth 16 CPD Points

Rat control

3 modules Worth 9 CPD Points

Grassland management

3 modules Worth 13 CPD Points

Oilseed rape

6 modules Worth 26 CPD Points

Tyre management

3 modules Worth 3 CPD Points

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